What My Clients are Saying


“Through the journey of Bio-Energy I learned a lot about me. I would recommend this treatment to everyone who looks to unblock energy and move forward in their life. Love it!”

Zorka  – Calgary, AB

“Tense, anxious, upset, emotional was my before. I am now feeling more relaxed, connected, grounded and peaceful.”

Kelly – Teacher Calgary, AB

“I was in pretty bad shape with mental and physical health. I’m doing better in both aspects. There was a strong decrease in both my general anxiety and panic attacks, in frequency and intensity. I’m experiencing far less tightness and pain in my muscles as well.”

Sophi – Calgary, AB

Before, experiencing chronic body pain ranging from moderate to severe almost 100% of the time. Extreme fatigue, low energy and mood as a result with overall sadness and frequent migraines. 

After, I have much reduced pain levels, experiencing energy and increased stamina not evident for years! Much happier as a result, feeling more positive in general. Surprised. Pleased. And somewhat mystified. Thank you, Janey!”

Joanne – Teacher Calgary, AB